Erice, which became a one of Sicily’s most extensive municipalities with a territory comprising valderice, San Vito Lo Capo, Buseto Palizzolo, Custonaci, Castellammare Del Golfo. Is a city full of traditions, art, agricolture, culture and very very good food.

Erice is an elymian city. Was dedicated by the phoenicians to the goddess Astarte. The sanctuary of Aphrodite, the temple of Venus Ericina, had already been the place of the goddess of love. A place that hosted populations from every part of the mediterranean , and where according to Diodoro Siculo, Erice, son of Bute, one of Jason’s Argonauts, and of Aphrodite herself, erected a temple dedicated to his mother and founded the city.

On Sicily’s west coast, Erice dominating the city of Trapani below it and the salt pans, the Egadi Island to the southwest, and monte Cofano to the east. Is situated at 751 metres above the sea level. You will appreciate the medieval atmosphere, the baroque and gothic style, the norman architecture that prove the history. The cliff of Erice are surronded bye a pine forest and fog. On a clear day you can see the volcanic island of Pantelleria and Ustica.


About Sicily Home Holidays

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